hey im fara n i love tssf, anime, n corgi dalmatians.
gay confessions/advice
Hi, My name is fara and I really like the story so far, man overboard, the wonder years, fireworks, major league, la dispute, bring me the horizon, pierce the veil, hands like houses, a loss for words and a lot more bands. i also enjoy going to the beach, roller coasters, and the color white. all of this crap is random stuff for text for my ads yay woohoo rbfiurfbhfds Structured settlements d Mesothelioma Acne Life Insurance Asbestos Bextra Bankruptcy Car Insurance Dental Plan H Private Jet Debt Consolidatio Credit Card Canadian Pharmac Online Tradin Equity Line Credit Loans Mortgages Pay Day Loans Cash Advance Equity Loans Reduce Debt Refinance Jet Charter Rehab High Wrongful death Legal Advice Taxes High investing Bonds Vioxx IRA Rollover Refinance Quotes Adult Education Distance Learning Alcohol Treatment Depression Drug Rehab Extra Money Cell Phone Plans Calling Cards VOIP Weight Loss Homeowner’s Insurance Rewards Cards Spam Filter Lasik Facelift 4Teeth Whitening Annuity Anti Virus Protection Adult Diaper Free Credit Report Credit Score Satellite Anti Spam Software . Dedicated Hosting Domain Name . Need Money Bachelor Degree Master Degree Doctorate Degree Work at Home . Quick Book Spyware . Eloan . Malpractice Lawyer Lenox China Cancer Payperclick Personal Injury Attorney Lexington Law Video Conferencing Transfer Money Windstar Cruise Casinos Online Laptop Computer Online Banking Borrow Money Low Interest Credit Cards Personal Domain Name Cellular Phone Rental Internet Broker Term Life Cheap Hosting University Degrees Online Consolidate Business Credit Web Host Death Insurance Yellow Page Advertising Travel Insurance Register Domain Credit Counseling Email Hosting Trans Union Consumer Credit Blue Cross yahoo godaddy domain websites google apple mac imac imacs ipod ipad nano
TITLE: UnknownThe Child We Lost 1963
ARTIST: Unknown La Dispute
PLAYS: Unknown2119
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i hate sleeping because all i do is have a recurring nightmare about getting hit by the car but instead of the injuries i actually have, i split my skull and break both my arms and legs and i puncture a lung……just to make it all worse i cant physically sleep comfortably because my hip always hurts….

moral of the story: dont let idiots who cant drive hit u with their car

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